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Life as art

Read Life as Art. Write a 250 word paper answering; Art to Life Life to Art Is it our way of life that allows us to paint an accurate and true picture of who we are as people or the other way around? Frida Kahlo seems to combine both ideas into one as she becomes a prominent artistic figure for the feminist movement and other changes that occurs within time. According to Herrera’s biography of Frida, she explains that artists’ lives explain their artwork. But it is only artists who are capable of explaining who they are through the artistic medium? There are so many different ways of expressing self. Many people use the art of poetry, the art of dance, the art of song, and then finally, the artistic venue which is painting/sculpting and drawing. Is the expression of who we are better understood through an artistic medium? And who is left to interpret this form of art? There is no right or wrong way of explaining self, but there are ways that are more effective than others. The fictional character uses her art to directly reflect her life. Each stroke directly correlates with the suffering, the joy, love and hurt Frida lived through. Are we our own favorite subject so much that we reinscribe ourselves and reinvent who we are until we are the perfect fit for society? Are we that Triangular peg trying to fit ourselves into the square spacing? A picture paints a thousand words, and through art we can show the world who we are, sometimes it’s a direct reflection, and sometimes, our pictures, the ones we paint for others to see, is not the real picture of our hearts, but merely a semblance of who we are behind closed doors. Works CitedLent, Tina Oslin. “Life as Art/Art as Life: Dramatizing The Life and Work of Frida Kahlo.” Journal of Popular Film and Telivision 2007: 68-78.

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