Literary analysis over the short story

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 3 page essay on Literary Analysis over the short story, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.The house does not have windows and is generally poorly ventilated. The incidence of the forsaken child in the Utopian City basically indicates a rotten foundation on, which the city rests upon.In addition, the author describes a scenario where the Omelas are informed that their success and general happiness can also be achieved by keeping the unfortunate child in a filthy and isolated room. Despite the fact that they are disgusted by this act, they later accept and their desire to achieve maximum happiness and success supersedes their humility towards the child. This is an incidence that symbolizes the selfishness of a Utopian Society. it symbolizes a scenario where the society is characterized by self-centered people who do not care about other people, rather focus on undertaking activities for their personal gains.Moreover, the writer goes further and indicates that indeed some of the residents of Omela were not pleased with suffering of the child and decided to leave the city never to come back. This is symbolism. it indicates a typical modern society where certain biased decisions are made by a few individuals to satisfy their personal interested, while less powerful people are compelled to adhere to the requirements of such decisions or forever never raise concerns. This is indicated by the elderly people who leave the city and never comes back.The residents of Omela are also not sure whether the child is human or not. some people claim that the child is sub-human and decide to refer to him/her as “it”. This is an indication that the society may be characterized by individuals who perceive other people as “less” humans can be subjected to torture as a symbol of sacrifice in order to benefit the society. The fact that some people may be perceived as sub-humans is a great symbol on how some people within the society feel more important than others and are

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