Literary theory

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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Literary theory is an organon of methods. Discuss this statement.From this line of thinking, someone can deduce the meaning of synonyms/unethical words, the meaning of homonymous/equivocal, and the meaning of paronymous/denominative words. These facts lead to the divisibility of speech into either simple, or structured with composition1. Only structured forms of speech can be false or true.What is said of a subject can be said to be the description of the subject as a whole. Under normal circumstances, what is said about a subject is always meant to answer the question of exactly what the subject is. What is said to be contained in a subject is always meant to describe the content of the subject. These are things whose existence completely depend on the existence of the subject. What is contained in a subject can also be referred to as inherence.Some things can be predicated of a subject, but do not exist in any subject. For instance, “man” might be predicated of John or James, but fail to be in any subject. Some things can be in a subject, but cannot be predicated of a subject. In such cases, a certain specific point of grammatical knowledge is in the subject but cannot be predicated of any subject because of its individuality. Some things have the ability to be predicated of a subject and be in a subject. A good example of such a case will be science. Science is in the mind as in a subject while at the same time can be predicated of geometry. There are also things that cannot be in any subject, neither can they be predicated of any subject. The reason as to why they cannot be predicted is that they are individuals. They cannot be in a subject because they are substances2.Organon can also help in the comprehensive, explicit, and formal understanding of the relationship between logic and language. Basic linguistic formscan be classified into prepositions and simple terms, verbs and nouns, negation, the number of simple propositions, on modal propositions, and studies on the excluded

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