Literature Review

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an essay on Literature Review Assignment. It needs to be at least 250 words.Moreover, towards the end of the minimum body temperature stage, a person will enter the ‘wake maintenance zone’ (Lack, Gradisar, Van Someren, Wright, and Lushington 309).In addition, the body’s temperature does not just affect the rhythms that people experience when engaged in the dream phase or before waking up. A person’s body temperature can also affect his or her frequency of experiencing insomnia. The onset of insomnia can be attributed to delayed rhythms of body temperature in incidences where an individual attempts to sleep in the midst of a delayed wake maintenance period. This may typically be experienced in the evening. Insomnia can also happen in the morning. Experiences of awakening insomnia in the morning may be connected to the incidence of advanced rhythm in temperature. According to Lack, Gradisar, Van Someren, Wright, and Lushington, the combination of maintenance insomnia and sleep onset is linked with the constant elevation of the temperature of the human body stimulating the continual hyper-arousal state that is characteristic of insomnia (307).Lack, Leon, Michael Gradisar, Eus Van Someren, Helen Wright and Kurt Lushington. “The relationship between insomnia and body temperatures.” Sleep Medicine Reviews 12.4(2008):307-317. Retrieved from

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