Living in the promised land

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a term paper on Living in the promised land. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. In an interview segment one, Grace Kapuro a physician from Philippines living in America gives a viably different approach to life in America. She alluded that in Philippines she had an easy life compared to the life in America. She claimed that life in America could be described as busy life where one has to do all chores compared to Philippines where she could get house maids. The adjustment in language, foods, dressing and customs as she puts it, was not as easy but was worthwhile. In the career field in Philippines she was a doctor but had to do some academic adjustments to fit if the medical field in America which later became very fulfilling (Luis canjura.segment 1)According to Kapuro the Philams (Philipine Americans) were different from the Philippino immigrants in some aspect of maintaining culture. The immigrants had been able to maintain their culture but the American born Philippines had already been integrated into the American culture. After the adjustments the physician said America is the country filled with milk and honey (Luis canjura.segment 1)Benito Vergara argues that relocating to the United States for their own individual interest is a betrayal to the Philippines because they are only immigrating for their own material success. Grace grabbed the opportunity and struggled the first few years she settled in. Immigrating to America, Grace saw it as an opportunity because she wanted to fulfill her American dream (Luis canjura.segment 2).After settling in America, Grace petitioned for her husband later her father. For the majority of Filipinos, it is true that they immigrate to America for their financial requirements which according to Grace seemed different in the early years of living in America. Homesickness was a common feeling in America, based on the fact that America had own cultures, food, language and the busy life in the city (Vergers, 46).

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