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Local health promotion project

Write a 9 pages paper on a local health promotion project white city food cooperative. Finally, the application of theory to practice will be used to analyze various theories and their relation or application in the project. The rationale for choosing this project is because White City is considered as one of the most disadvantaged areas in the country. Limited socialization within the community can be blamed for the area’s untapped potential for an extended time. Inadequate access to fruits and vegetables by the locals is a serious health concern. in addition, the residents also have limited access to dietary information hence putting them at higher risk of health-related complications (WellLondon). For this reason, the paper will be used to assess the different strategies that the project organizers are using to drive the project successfully forward. According to the business’ background, White City Food Co-op was introduced, not only to supply nutritious meals to the locals but also to serve as a good project to enhance intercultural community cohesion. The farm vegetables brought by White City Food Co-op are important in ensuring that the society has access to a balanced diet that is essential for ensuring that the population is healthy. The program is managed in partnership with Phoenix High School Farm that is involved in supplying the farm products. Other patterns involved include Leading Zone Corporation along with the Staying Put Services that are essential for ensuring smooth running and operation of the program (Andrews, 2008). The provision of farm products is essential to the society as it makes them readily available and accessible to the locals thus. it becomes easy to prepare a well-balanced diet to promote optimal health. It is important to understand that the collective health of the population is key to the overall well-being and growth of a society. It is for such reasons that the main aim of the project is to promote health awareness among the locals, and its main outlook is to provide the best quality services and foods to the society in an effort to improve their health.&nbsp.

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