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Love biblical narratives

Write an essay on Love biblical narratives. It needs to be at least 750 words.In some ways, the teachings in Leviticus seem to equate physical imperfection with spiritual imperfection. Other topics in addition to instruction for the Levites concern how to remain pure by avoiding all sorts of activities and items that are considered unclean.The book of Job is one of the books of the Old Testament that is in the wisdom genre. The book begins by establishing Job as a righteous person. He has a large family, is pious and has been blessed with great wealth. Satan asks permission to tempt Job, accusing God of protecting Job too much. God agrees and Job looses his material wealth and family in a series of mishaps. Job is devastated but stays faithful to God. Three of his friends arrive to comfort him. By this time, Job has been afflicted with boils and other physical ailments. All of Job’s friends agree that Job must have sinned to warrant such treatment from God. Job denies this and stays faithful to God. After much debate, God’s voice can be heard congratulating Job for his faithfulness and scolding Job’s friends for their lack of understanding. The lesson to be learned is that God rules over all of his creations and requires faithfulness even during trials.The book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament is a narrative book. Nehemiah begins the story in the court or Artaxerxes, the ruler in Babylon. He convinces him to allow him to return to Jerusalem with a small group of Jews to reestablish the city walls and temple worship. Nehemiah is granted permission but is immediately opposed by Sanballat and other local leaders who are not pleased to see a return of Jews to Jerusalem. Nehemiah arms his laborers and they complete the construction of the wall and repairs to the temple. Sanballat continues to scheme against Nehemiah, but is thwarted by the righteousness of the people. Many Jews return to Jerusalem to worship. Ezra reads from scripture and Nehemiah

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