lrom QB surface

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Got stuck on this problem and was having trouble finding examples, thanksWM i Secure I httpS:// Ch IE Hwea Problem 16.2 Problem 18.2 Resources v a l10f11lnexi» A B Owediameter disk emrls light uniformly lrom QB surface ZCI cmfrom this disk‘ along its axis, IS an 7 Omediameter opaque black dtSk‘1he lanes of the two dISKS are parallel. 20 cm beyond the black disk is a white Viewmg screen, The lighted disk illuminates the screen, but1here‘s a shadow in the center due to the black disk Part A What l5 the diameter oflhe completely dark pai‘l oflhis shadow? Express your answer to two signi?cant ?gures and include the appropriate units. Frowde Feedback Co

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