Ls week 6

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 1 page essay on the topic Ls week 6 ask.Accommodating style asserts that one party agrees to forgo his or her own concern so that the other party ideas hold. In this regard, what would have been the case if you as the project manager decided to forgo your concern in favor of those of the architect?It is argued that in case of a stolen idea, one can decide to abandon the collaboration style and resort to un-collaborated style. In this regard, competing becomes the other option. As a project manager, how would Competing style help solve the problem of stolen idea?Competing asserts that one strive against another to attain a goal. However, collaboration is highly encouraged in any organization’s operations. With this in mind, how would competing style ensure there is collaboration among the colleagues?In the effort to prove that a colleague’s idea is your stolen idea, you may decide to use your junior in presenting the idea in order to show that the idea is a ‘shared idea’. Don’t you think that this would be a hypocritical concern given that the truth is that the idea was actually yours?In the effort to claim back your stolen idea, confrontation with your colleague is apparent. Applying leadership style, how would you ensure that your differences with the ‘thief’ colleague do not interfere with the operations of your organization?You consider using collaboration and compromising styles only when three parties are involved two of which represent major parties required to accomplish a certain objective. Therefore, this means that the idea of the third party is forgone. In this regard, how do you ensure that the third party is collaborated in the two parties’ interest without jeopardizing his collaboration with the idea?You may also decide to use collaboration and compromising styles where the corporate governance, management and the employees are involved. Using your leadership styles, how would you deal with other issues that concern the consumer

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