Major Middle East Events of 1978-1979

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Major Middle East Events of 1978-1979. Write a 250 word paper answering; Major Middle East Events of 1978-1979 This paper presents a critical review of the reason and the way the Christian Zionists in the United States, the Jewish Movement within the Soviet Union, and the Islamic jihad in Afghanistan maintained a common goal of defeating the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union by then banned the emigration of Soviet Jews to Palestine. This religious unity contradicts the contemporary religious situation in which there are many conflicting views between religions. The move by Christians, Jews, and Muslims to maintain a common goal was to act against the ungodly steps taken by the Soviet Union. According to this religious groups, the Jews living in the Soviet Union had the right to move back to their country of ancestral origin, especially given that most countries. From a religious perspective, the three religions have a common origin, also from the region around Israel and Palestine, and thus it could have been their religious role to support the emigration of the Soviet Jews to Palestine. During the same period, most actions by governments were against human rights. The Muslims in Saudi Arabia were even against the act of the Saudi royal family. The Christians were in support of the Jews since almost all Christian nations led by the US were for the move against the Soviet Union’s banning of the emigration of Jews to Palestine. It was felt by these three groups that the Soviet Jews had the right to emigrate from the Soviet Union if they chose to do so. Uniting for a common goal was the only way to defeat the Soviet Union, which was one of the top world super powers by that time.

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