Major News Outlets Need to Change

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 7 pages with APA style on How the Major News Outlets Need to Change in Order to Survive. Social media platforms and technology are giving opportunities to the audience and sources to become reporters. However, this doesn’t mean that the money-making major news outlets should be rigid in not employing different tactics to survive. Major news outlets are struggling financially, but their revenue is estimated to increase considerably. The main problems are not just financial but also pertain to structure, culture, and the industrialized basis of these news outlets (Briggs & Burke, 2010). The content here may not be that comprehensive, but there are some of the things that leaders of these major news outlets should have in mind.Although it seems like no-obstacle, this factor is a double-edged sword. Major news outlets especially print. often treat their websites as an extra, since their main revenue is largely not coming from the web. Websites should be the first priority in order to generate a lot of revenue so as to sustain themselves. A renowned journalism professor once noted that one of the problems is that journalists are being given a job description that specializes in a single platform when really journalists should be all rounded. Reporters need to mainly focus on gathering information and how to present it in a range of formats. The main reason being that technology is changing the way people consume news, and the target audience is always changing and adopting various ways to get their news through various media. Since today’s journalism is amorphous, journalists now have to be in a position to produce journalism on many platforms (Kling, 2006).More people are finding meaning in the specific subjects they perceive most appealing or that which directly impacts them. In society these days, we are witnessing more fragmentation and specialization. it is not possible to find successful bloggers who write about everything. Major news outlets need to find out what they are good at putting their primary attention and focus on.

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