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Management and technology

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on management and technology. Management functions have evolved a great deal since the impact of globalization has become wider. Nowadays, management is not just about controllingthe internal factors but managers have to keep a close eye on external factors also. The four main functions of management include planning, controlling, leading and organizing. Planning is about creating strategies to meet the goals of the organization. However, apart from internal factor such as what firm wants to achieve, quality of employees, and future plans, the firm also has to for the external factors as well such as economic environment and external hurdle that it might face in reaching its goals. Similarly, controlling is about monitoring the work that employees do. The internal factors of controlling are productivity of employees whereas external factors that might influence controlling is how efficient is not only the firm’s own employees but whether or not are they competitive in terms of what other firm’s productivity is. Similarly, when leading and motivating people, the firm does not only have to look at the financial aspects of the job, but also some external factors like cost of inflation, employee’s background etc. Another function of management is organizing which is about allocating resources and getting the work done. This does not only depend on how firm is using the resources but emphasis is also placed on the forecasting and any foreseeable future shortage of the resources which is an external factor. This is how management functions have evolved keeping in mind the external factor that could affect the firm.Technology is one major factor that has affected the management. Many books have written on the impact of technology on managers and management. Technology has helped management to streamline and improve the management functions. It has also threatened and made management job more difficult in other aspect. For example, it has become increasingly easier for managers now a day to plan ahead and use modern forecasting techniques to plan for the firm. This luxury however comes at the expense of managers becoming crippled if they do not have latest technology available. In simple words, without the use of technology, managers’ cannot properly use technical skills. Similarly, controlling has become easier by the use CCTV and other modern technology but it can de-motivate employees as there is no privacy. Organizing is far easier by the use of technology and probably technology has made the most positive impact on this facet of management. Technology is often associated with de-motivator for employees as they fear machines might soon replace them. However, this has forced them to be more productive to keep their jobs.Managers can use delegation to get better served with the advantages of technology and to eliminate any disadvantages accruing from technology. They can delegate the specialized technology to people who have better knowledge about this technology. This way not only the technology will be efficiently used but by delegating some authority managers send signal to employees they trust them which is going to improve their motivation and morale and lead the firm towards success.ReferencesDaft, Richard L. (1994). Management. The Dryden Publishing.Drucker, Peter. (1990). The Essentials of Management.

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