Management of visitor attractions

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1250 words assignment on operationalising the management of visitor attractions. The primary part of the research focused on evaluating all the pre historical evidences that are found to be associated with the “State Tretyakov Galley”, which in turn turned out to be quite interesting. In addition, the past records of the people visiting this art gallery have been tallied with the latest records, which deciphered that the number of viewers visiting this art gallery has increased extensively.In order to determine the association prevailing between the varied techniques, tools and competencies that are needed for successful attraction management and operations, multiple marketing aspects have been evaluated and implemented. This is mainly because to find out the probable effective ways through which the “State Tretyakov Galley” can attain higher level of market exposure and raise market reputation by a considerable degree.Based on the above discussion, it can be affirmed that the operators or the developers belonging to the respective field must adopt appropriate school exhibition events and practice effective advertisement techniques for attracting the viewers throughout the globe at large.Guardian News and Media Limited. (2014). Use your imagineering: Ryan Ganders art world of pranks and puzzles. Retrieved from News and Media Limited. (2014). How to put together a marketing plan.

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