Managerial accounting

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Managerial accountingRead: Chapter 1, What is Managerial Accounting, will describe managerial accounting and will contrast it with other fields of accounting. The chapter will also review the basics of inventory accounting and the role of Cost of Goods Sold.In Chapter 2, How is Job Costing Used to Track Production Costs, we begin our learning journey through managerial accounting with a costing model called Job Order Costing. This will be one of a number of ways of how business leaders assign costs to specific business products or ventures. Part 1Explain how direct materials and direct labor costs are attributed to specifically produced goods or projects (jobs) using Job Order Costing. Please provide at least one example.You are encouraged to research outside sources and, of course, cite them. Do not, however, quote sources word-for-word. Minimum words is 250.Part 2Income Statement (with cost of goods sold adjustment). Required: Prepare an income statement for year ended December 31.Rambler Company had the following activity for the year ended December 31:Sales revenue $2,050,000Selling expenses $ 575,000General and administrative expenses $ 330,000Cost of goods sold (before adjustment) $ 700,000Under-applied overhead $ 23,000Part 3For this week’s reflection, please write three complete and well composed paragraphs where you use, as an example, a company that operates in Grenada west indies and describe how the job order costing would help the business owners managed their business.

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