Managing organizational change

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1000 words assignment on managing organizational change. Needs to be plagiarism free! o be answerable to each other on the same tier as well as to the owners and stakeholders of the organizations who have invested within them for so long.

Perhaps it would be a good exercise to bring in the change smoothly. This shall make the entire process an easy one and put the crux of the exercise safely within the grasps of the people who are ready to undertake such a change for their own good. This change element within the domains of the organization could be handled if there are proper mechanisms in place and which look to provide the remedy for the quandaries that employees find themselves engulfed in every now and then.

It is important that these employees know what they need to do in order to remain satisfied with their jobs. This will make them feel secure with the jobs that they have got and not try to hop on every opportunity that they can get. An organizational change setting that does not bring in a sense of optimism within the workplace realms is indeed a classic case of failure (Douglas, 2009). This is because organizational change has to happen smoothly and without any hindrances whatsoever. It makes the task pretty easier if things are handled in a proactive manner rather than something else.

Also the organizational change should be such that the employees are told about the change beforehand because no employee appreciates the idea of changing every now and then. It has been a fact that change is a constant factor that takes place almost everywhere but since it is something that is seen as undesirable, it takes sheer resistance on the part of the employees regularly.

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