Mandatory physical education

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an augumentative research essay that is titled Mandatory Physical Education In SchoolsMust include a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraphMust include 5 sourcesMust be written in MLA formatMust be written in 3rd personMust be 1200 words or more introduce your sources by their full name and title the first time you mention them; forexample: In the essay “Turning the Page on Disaster,” Edwidge Danticat provides insight into ….” etc.Following your first full mention of the source, you may refer to it by the author’s last name. For example,as “Danticat’s article.”***Avoid “drop-in quotations”! NO sentence in essay should begin with quotation marks—everyquotation that appears in your essay must be introduced. For example: Smith also writes that “………..”Ramirez challenges/counters this idea in her analysis when she states “…………”***You must also include a Works Cited page, in correct MLA format, with your final essay uploaded toMoodle, or expect to lose points.

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