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Manner of relationships

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses The Nature of Blood comes as the Manner of relationships.This essay discusses that the intricacies of belonging or not belonging are captured through Eva, a 21-year-old survivor of the Holocaust. She is an example of how the survivors were robbed of their loved ones and condemned to a life of misery and bitterness. Human degradation in the concentration camps, as well as liberation, is shown through Eva. The Jews have driven away from Germany. Eva who was a victim of the chase represents a generation whose childhood was robbed because of hate and mistrust. She grew miserable with ingrained hurts. The misery they underwent is brought out where the Jews feel safe being restricted from certain things. Indeed, their tormentors win in their quest to make them feel like lesser beings.Once discriminated against, the victims relive those experiences, and it affects their relations later in life. This is evident when Eva moves to England, with a promise of marriage where she is still discriminated against. Malka and Othello further depict another angle of discrimination that is racism. Malka is an Ethiopian and Othello a Moore both from Africa who go to the advanced country and face discrimination because of their race “…a river should never forget its spring…”. With Malka’s and Othello’s incidences occurring in the 20th century and late 1500’s to early 1600’s respectively, it shows that this discrimination has been around for a long time. It also implies that racism and other forms of discrimination are still rampant even in today’s society.

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