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Manufacturing organization

Write a 13 pages paper on manufacturing organization: systems and benefits. Manufacturing is a business venture that entails the process of converting raw materials into finished goods through the process of manufacturing. In most cases, manufacturing is used to refer to a range of human activities ranging from basic handicraft to high technology production. However, the term is commonly used to refer to industrial production in which there is a transformation of raw materials to finished goods on a large scale (Loch, 2003). Proper management of a manufacturing business entails predicting the aggregate demand for manufactured products, the supply of the raw materials, and ensuring that the desired quality of products is maintained. In the manufacturing business quality is a state of being free from deficiencies, defects, or significant variations. It can also be used as a measure of excellence in a company. Quality may be brought about by consistent and strict commitment to certain pre-determined standards with the aim of achieving uniformity of a product so as to satisfy specific customer requirements.As far as manufacturing and diverse industry is concerned, quality is tested, regulated, and certified. Normally, various methods, standards, and models may be used to ascertain the quality of manufactured products. For example, the concept of Fitness for Use (FFU) is used to assist in testing the quality of a variety of products such as electronic and electrical equipment. This mode of testing implies that manufactured products must be tested to ensure that they meet their ‘fitness for purpose’ (Loch, 2003). This may entail checking whether the product’s durability, as well as, quality meets certain pre-determined standards.&nbsp.As noted, manufacturing entails the processing of products especially in large quantities by the use of industrial machines. This makes a manufacturing business, an entity whose main business is to transform raw material into finished goods hence increasing their value utility to consumers. However, for a manufacturer to achieve the objective of increased sales and a good profit margin, it should ensure that its operations are very efficient (Hesselbach, & Herrmann, 2011).&nbsp.

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