Marches for gun control

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

The recent marches for gun control are a look into the way young people feel about an issue that might be a generational topic.  I’d like you to write a paragraph that compares the current marches to some other marches that occurred in the history of the United States.  You can choose either Civil Rights, Women’s Suffrage,  Prohibition, or any political movement that had a march that was part of the means of social change.Begin with a topic sentence that lists three ways that the current marches are similar OR different from the marches of your chosen issue.This is much like the assignment we did before spring break, but instead of using our own history as support, we are using topics that must be researched, digested and contemplated before you can start writing. Ex. The recent marches for gun control are similar to the marches for abortion rights in the way they are both life and death topics, they both have social stigma that separates generations, and they both produce a departure from a traditional reading of the constitution.I will then proceed in point-by-point method talking about the each similarity brought up in the topic sentence.  The paragraph will be at least 300 words in total.

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