Margaret Mitchell’s life influence

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Compose a 1250 words essay on Margaret Mitchell’s life influence on her novel Gone With the Wind. Many of her readers know her for the fantasy love story created in her novel between Rhett and Scarlett but not many know that her actual life influences vividly show in her book.Before her success with Gone with the Wind, she used to write short stories, which were repeatedly rejected from newspaper. She had very little success with her stories and decided to give up writing for good (Cordell, 1961). She was bedridden due to her ankle problem and was reading books, and that was all she was doing while recovering from ankle injury. Her husband got tired of bringing her books from the library. Irritated by the daily routine of going to the library, picking books and then bringing them home to his wife, he finally said to her,And that struck her. She realized that probably another shot at fiction would finally get it published as a book. And then she started writing and wrote a 1037 page novel but it wasn’t named ‘Gone with the Wind’, initially, it was titled Tomorrow is Another Day based on the last sentence of the novel.Margaret Mitchell started writing&nbsp.Gone with the Wind& 1926 to kill time while recuperating from an injury that left her limping. In April 1935, an editor, Harold Latham from Macmillan, was looking for new fictional stories for publication, got to read Margaret’s draft, he instantly saw the potential in the story made up his mind that the story might possibly be the next best seller.When Latham approved that he’s interested in publishing the book, Mitchell started working on the book with another mindset. This time, she was editing her draft and edited and rewrote several parts of her story. It took her nearly six months to complete the process of checking historical references. She was most concerned with the opening chapter and in fact she rewrote it quite a few times.John Marsh, Mitchell’s husband was a copy editor by profession. He helped Margaret

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