Market Segmentation in Healthcare Depertment

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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Market Segmentation in Healthcare Depertment. It is evidently clear from the discussion that hypertension is a common condition affecting the majority of the population in the world today. Though the exact cause of hypertension is not known, there are a number of factors associated with the condition. Diabetes is one of the major factors the is highly associated with hypertension. Adler Stratton and Neil found that an estimated 75% of diabetic patients develop high blood pressure in the long run. According to CDC, about 25.8 million people in the United States have diabetes. This comprises 8.3% of the American population. Hypertensive patients perceive medical care as being beneficial to their health. According to Inoue, Inoue & Matsumura, many patients who received their medical attention from clinics were seen more often and for a prolonged period of time. They also observed that such patients were less likely to develop complications as compared to those who sought their medical care from hospitals. Private clinicians are perceived to know their patients’ medical status well and thus preferred more than government hospitals. Due to the high prevalence of diabetic hypertension and diabetic obesity and the perceived preference for private clinics over government hospitals, a hospital targeting this markets likely to succeed. In addition, the target market also requires the service. Therefore, the organization just requires proper strategies to tap the market. When a business is drawing up its marketing strategies, it must establish the needs of its market segments. Markets are segmented based on a match between advantages being offered by the business and the need of the prospective customer.

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