Marketing Communications

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Marketing Communications. Write a 1750 word paper answering; Behaviors of consumers vary depending on the stimulus introduced. There are many powerful motivating factors that affect the behavior patterns of the consuming public and one of these powerful motivators is fear. The appeal to fear is capable of igniting and heightening the public’s sensitivity to threats, which are present and put him/her either in an offensive or defensive mood. Whatever stances the person would take in a given instance of fear, his/her consumption behaviors are generally affected. To better understand how “fear is capable of sensitizing people to threats and of changing their behavior” let us, therefore, discuss the different aspects of marketing communications and its effects on the target market. Fear Appeal is a persuasive strategy commonly employed in the promotion of products and campaigns. This strategy works by sending persuasive messages to the target market or audience about the terrible consequences that will befall on them if they will not follow what is recommended in the message. This strategy has a dual effect. One is to prevent the customer from purchasing or using the product or services and the other is to persuade him/her to patronize such a product. To illustrate my point, let us look into a simple candy bar. For children are often scared away from this sweet treat by the threat of having rotten teeth and the prospect of doing to the dentist for a tooth extraction or worst, a root canal procedure. The fear of the impending pain brought about by eating too much candy would make children think twice about eating such sugary food. On the contrary, we can compel people to buy or use a product by fear. For example, the fear of aging often makes people buy cosmetic products, which will delay the aging process. Fear of looking old is so real for most people that they are willing to undergo&nbsp.painful surgeries just to retain their youthful looks.&nbsp.

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