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Marketing practices in Kuwait vs. the USA

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Marketing practices in Kuwait vs. the USA.consumers have developed favorable attitudes towards the United States and the Kuwaiti firms have many marketing ideologies that are prevalent in the United States.The United States takes marketing segmentation as a critical marketing element to determine the consumers who are likely to seek for their products and services. Segmentations exist in various aspects such as geographically, demographically, by culture, or in relation to the benefits, which are demanded by customers. Kuwait also has segmented its market to reach the most desirable consumers. These segmentation strategies ensure that future promotions and integrated communication are available between the two countries.Kuwait simplifies the process of determining how to effectively promote a product while taking into consideration the consumers values, attitude and lifestyle. Psychographics seem to be of high relevance in the United States market as evident in the fast food chain. Positioning of a product is an important aspect for Kuwait and USA marketing strategies in order to gain competitive advantages and ensure higher revenue growth in sales of products and services.Both Kuwait and USA have taken advantage of the digital marketing activities in order to effectively promote their products and services particularly brand promotion. The advantage of doing this is that fact that it reduces dependency on external agents and allow the firms to market directly to the consumers of their goods and services at much less market based expenditures.The USA and Kuwait have formed platforms for common marketing practices in order to seek ways of justifying the quality of products as a means of expressing the benefits of the products to the consumers and the ethical stance associated with the brand and the businesses. The marketers from both the nations realize the importance of adding certification to their products and services as an illustration of compliance to the social expectations and inspections

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