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Markings of DNA movement

This is a virtual lab.Here is the URL: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/labs/gel/You are to write an essay APA formatting style with Referencing,  The essay should be 350 words.Here is an outline to help you organize your essay content:1. Be sure to  define the electrophoresis technique.2, Identify the factors that create the gel’s appearance.( this should include what the composition of the gel, the meaning of markings of DNA movement, and how the DNA moves through the gel, and the meaning of the standard ladder)3. Explain how we use this to construct the DNA4. What other techniques are available to help us understand DNA composition of the cells we are investigating.5, Include tone other different DNA analysis and its  application  in science.Remember only 400 wordsRunning head: VIRTUAL LAB 1 Virtual LabNameInstitution VIRTUAL LAB 2Virtual LabThe electrophoresis technique. The electrophoresis lab technique commonly used for DNA fragments separations…

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