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Mars, Inc. states that 16% of all milk chocolate M&M’S® produced are green. A group of students took the following samples from a bowl of 500 mixed up M&M’S®. SAMPLE DATA ANALYSIS Twenty samples were collected for sample sizes n = 30 and n = 60. The results and corresponding dot plots are shown below.What is the specific question(s) that needs to be addressed in your investigation? What is the population of interest in the investigation?What is the population parameter of interest in the investigation?Why can we not realistically calculate the population parameter of interest directly?How could the concept of random sampling be used to investigate the population parameter of interest?What are we interested in finding out about each of the samples of M&M’S®?What information do we need in order to answer our question or investigate the claim that 16% of milk chocolate M&M’S® produced by Mars, Inc. are green? How can we use the samples of M&M’S® to obtain this information?What value is at the center of the dot plot constructed by using one sample per group? Is it a coincidence that the value is close to/far from the 16% claimed by Mars, Incorporated?Mars, Inc. claimed that 16% of milk chocolate M&M’S® produced are green. Does the information on the dot plot seem to support this claim? Why or why not?Attachment 1Attachment 2But Plots for Sample Pronations of Green MEN’S for Sample Sizes n = 30 and n = ED2051DIE225D. 3Proportion of Green MEN’sSample Sizein = 30$$5159.2125( 3Proportion of Green MEN’sSample Sizein = 60

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