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Mary Barnett case

Submit a 750 words essay on the topic Mary Barnett case.While analyzing the testimony of Caroline Hospers, it may consider that Mary Barnett was a frequent drinker and she was not a fit mother. It is also identified that Barnett lives without a husband and she had wild parties in her apartment. However, Hospers’ testimony that Barnett had gone to California ‘just to party and have a good time’ is her speculation only (Chaffee, “thinking critically”). This statement clearly indicates that Hospers’ is not in good touch with Barnett, and therefore her testimony might be biased. Therefore, Hospers’ claim that ‘the baby was not taken care of properly’ might also be a speculation.From the policeman’s testimony, it is pretty clear that Barnett was absolutely conscious of what she was going to do. She admitted to the policeman that she was aware of the fact that she was leaving her baby unattended in the apartment and she would not be coming back soon She also said that she had to get to California at all costs. Hence, it can be assumed that getting to California immediately was the first priority of Barnett and she decided to leave her baby in the apartment for a while. Although Barnett had visited her mother before she left the city, she did not try to ensure that her mother would look after little Alison.In the professional view of Dr. Parker, Barnett is competent to stand trial because her current depression and anxiety problems were induced by the guilt she feels for what she did. Dr. Parker undoubtedly states that Barnett ‘was mentally competent on January 23, when she left her child unattended’. There is no need to suspect the testimony of Dr. Parker because he is an experienced professional psychiatrist who has been involved in many judicial hearings to comment on the mental competency of the defendant.Alice Jones’ testimony reflects that Barnett had been suffering from many life difficulties since the birth of Alison. She adds that Barnett had increasingly depended on

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