Matrix and descartes’s conclusions about the dreaming

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on matrix and descartes’s conclusions about the dreaming. The movie The Matrix depicts a future, whereby, most humans see reality as a simulated reality made by sentient machines to subdue and pacify the population of humans (Spencer and Tani 07). Energy is produced by heat from their bodies and electrical activities are used to produce energy.When Neo, A computer programmer, learns this, he rebels against the machines together with other people who are now free in the real world, from a dream world. The movie involves many references of hacker subculture and cyberpunk, where religious and philosophical ideas like an evil genius, Rene Descartes, Vat Brain Cave’s Allegory and Homanages like Spaghetti Western, Japanese animation, and dystopian fiction. However, does the film relate to philosophical issues raised with Skeptics and the mind-body problems?Film ReviewMany philosophical issues are dealt with in the matrix as it touches on many and different topics of philosophy. It is therefore philosophically relevant since some colleges that offer philosophy also focus on this film during the study. However, the first film was executed, unlike the second and third, which people felt disappointed with (Meinhold 55). Matrix film is very interesting as it mixes Eastern and Western philosophy. The ancient Vedas gives the main point where all human beings are explained under the illusion of the spell of Maya. The Supreme God’s personality, the energy of Krishna, is this Maya and that is what covers the entity that is living from their real identity and reality and leaves him thinking of themselves as very happy as they live in ignorance, irrespective of the condition they may be in. this is shown when Cypher tells the agent that artificial intelligence is what cheats people while they are sleeping, and also acts as an agent of cover potency.The film is not very specific since anyone can say it supports his point of view as well as prove it. Some people believe that every machine represents a corrupt multinational corporation or government.

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