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Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses Mazumdar.On the other hand, it is evident that Shudha’s mother was still immersed in the Indian culture and prevent all means that would lead to her daughter being Europeanized. It is this aspect that explains why Shudha’s mother was of the opinion that her daughter was ready was marriage at the age of thirteen (Mazumdar 3-4). However, in the long run, Shudha would go with her father’s wishes to extent that she became a liberalized woman and became a writer. Shudha was also to get to the level of a delegate with the International Labor Organization to represent the Indians (Mazumdar 221). She was also not afraid of being a member of social service organizations.From the example of Shudha, various aspects can be depicted from her story. Among the notable themes include the changing role of women in the society. Since time immemorial women have mostly been secluded and forced to operate form the private sphere, and the men would at all times ensure that they dominate them. The society that is patriarchal in nature, has always ensured that the women are always undermined and that they do not advanced beyond the home. This explains why a great percentage of women at a very tender age are married off so as they can begin their life as a caregiver to the children and her husband (Forbes & Forbes 29-30). A good example is that of Shudha who was to be married off at the age of thirteen just as culture depicted (Mazumdar 3-4). The fact that it is Shudha’ mother that was of the motive that she be married off, explains how much women have been consumed by culture that does not advance them in any way, but makes sure that they are continually dominated and controlled by the societal values.However, the example of Shudha is one that gives a perfect example of emancipated women. Being an Indian as Ramusack & Burton put it, the case was quite complex, as the author clearly explains how the

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