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MBTI type

1. Take the abbreviated (and less accurate) Myers-Briggs test. Reveal your MBTI type in your response and describe the following scenarios:   a. An organizational situation (job function, event, team assignment, etc.) where your personality type could be at a disadvantage (real world or hypothetical)   b. A situation where your personality type might be an advantage (real world or hypothetical)   c. Based on your MBTI, how you learn best? 2. Respond to the following two questions about negative effect and self-monitors:   a. Imagine that you have a person with negative affect in your organization. What might be a positive contribution that this person could make in a group where  everyone else has positive affect and similar backgrounds?   b. What contributions can high self-monitors make in organizations? Low self-monitors? When you answer the personality part of this question, make sure that you have viewed the module material, including ideas on how to think about where your personality type is at an advantage or disadvantage (i.e., the Nurse MBTI example) and the definition of negative affect! And, with respect to how you learn best, consider the MBTI introvert/extravert differences (page 94) and “You 1.2” from Chapter 1, Module 1.

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