McDonald’s company

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Questionnaire: McDonald’s. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The constant focus on quality is an obsession at McDonald’s and it is a leader in adopting the best health standards for the consumers. We continually collaborate with Government and health officials to effect improvements in health care standards. (Food Quality. 2008).The Company has made it a mandatory rule to provide all new employees with copies of the Company’s Handbook. It sets forth the policies, responsibilities, and prerogatives of employers to their employees and vice versa. (Questions answered 2007).At McDonald’s the management is fully aware of its commitment to the workforce. It employs only high school level children. In the age group of +17 years. A job in McDonald’s offers attractive options to some employees who wish to have flexible working hours and are engaged in other responsibilities and educational pursuits. This is appealing to students and legally workable children. (Royle 2008).In the case of McDonald’s, it is seen that the audience group would be the actual consumers, and therefore, the target respondents would be the parents and children who are the actual consumers of the food, beverages and other products that are available in McDonald’s shops found in the city. It is also necessary that the age groups, gender, income levels, and value of the consumptions made by them be also gauged. It is also necessary, in the case of McDonald’s, to know which are the fast-moving and slow-moving products in order that, from the point of view of the consumers, greater manufacturing and delivery of fast-moving products could be made for achieving greater volumes of turnover. Therefore, in the case of this survey, the aspects regarding the age, gender, family background, level of education and spending capacity and choice of foods has to be made for each respondent, in order that the survey that is undertaken, is a true and genuine representation of the population and the results conform to a large extent, to the total population.

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