Mean difference

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

A random sample of student at a college reported…Attachment 1Attachment 2E5 {I A random sample of students at a college reported what theyr believed to be their heights in inches Then the students measured each others’ heights in centimeters, without shoes. The data provided are for themen, with their believed heights converted from lr‘ld’t? tn centimeters. Assume that conditions for t—tests hold. Complete parts a and b below. a Click the icon to view the data. a. Find a 95% con?dence inteNa for the mean difference as measured in centimeters. Does it capture 0? What does that show} The 95% con?dence interval is ( — 2.241 , 0.785 1 .(Round to three declmal places as needed.) The interval does include 0. so a hypothesisthat the means are equal cannot be rejected. b. Periom’l a t—test to test the hypothesis that the means are not the same. Use a signi?cance level of £1.05. Determine the hypotheses torthls test. Let pdmamnw be the population mean di?’erence between measured and believed heightI in centimeters. Choose the correct answer below. 0 A’ H0: udi?erence=o O 8. H0: Puttinrence=0Ha: l‘l’di?erence>0 Ha: "difference‘00 C. H0: l‘ldil‘terenceéa O 0′ H0: l-‘difference‘oHa: l‘l’di?erence>0 Ha: "differencegoO E’ H0: l‘l’di?erenceéa © F’ Hi]: P?i?emrm=0Ha: imam"… <0 Ha: Miriam #0 Click to select your answer(a). ®…

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