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Mean for the average

The design of a purely competency-based salary The t-test for two independent samples is used to compare if the means of two different and independent groups statistically differ. The frequency distribution for annual vs. weekly paid employees shows that more than half of females are annually paid at 54.84%, while 79% of males hold this status. This is an indication that there are more male employees who enjoy an annual paid status compared to their female counterparts. The pie chart depicts the percentage distribution for gender, presenting that there 28.44% of the sample (f=28) account for female employees, while 71.56% represent male employees (f=71). These data imply that employees are predominantly male. The mean is used to compute for the average. The formula entails summing up all the responses and then dividing by the total number of responses. The median is the middle value which divides the distribution into two equal parts. on the other hand, the model is the most frequently occurring value in the distribution. The standard deviation is a measure of spread. that is, it tells us how far or how near each other are the responses. The range is the difference between the highest and the lowest value. In statistics parlance, the minimum is the smallest value in the distribution while the maximum is the highest. The preceding table shows that the mean salary overall is at £29438.70. The median salary overall is £23040.00, while the most frequently occurring salary value was £14812.76. The difference between the highest and the lowest salary is equal to £101318.86. The lowest-paid employee receives £14140.34, while the highest-paid employee gets £115459.20. There are 109 employees from which salary data were yielded. The cumulative frequency distribution shows that there is 18.3% of the sample whose salaries are equal to or less than £14140. More than half of male employees (56%) receive less than or equal to £26805.&nbsp.

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