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Media communication

Prepare and submit a paper on media communication. Many organizations are now realizing the importance of having a successful public relations specialist. For example, a well managed and informed public relations representative can maximize profits and strengthen a company in a weak economy. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2006, August 4). How can a public relations representative implement their use of mass communications into their program for overall success and positive outlook for a well managed, sustained and informed public relationA public relation practitioner’s job is very broad based and competitive. They have to do more than just inform and educate the public about the company or organization that they represent. (Public relations, 2006). They must understand the needs and wants of their target audience so that they can reach their audience through their various forms and strategic usage of marketing, advertising, and promotions. They may work for and represent governments, large organizations and companies, the media, political campaigns, employees, investors, and celebrities, just to name a few.How can a public relation practitioner implement the use of good marketing skills into their public relations program What factors are involved for successful marketing Public relations practitioners use advertising and sales promotions to support their marketing efforts. They must understand who and what their target market audience is so that their message will catch their attention. The target market audience is a particular group of people that will benefit the most from a particular good or service. A company or organization must cater their promotions, marketing, and advertising schemes to this audience by understanding their overall needs and wants. A good public relations practitioner must realize the importance of successful marketing strategies. Their objective is to move their target market along various stages. Each target market audience must complete these stages: unawareness, awareness, belief/knowledge, attitude, acquisition intention and finally to acquisition. Only then can a marketing, advertising, and promotional strategy become effective. (Public Relations, 2006).Advertising and promotions are two key elements used for success in marketing goods or services. These two elements exist in various mediums. What are the various mediums used in advertising, and how does a public relations practitioner use it these to best benefit their company/organization Advertising is a marketing strategy that involves the use of numerous varieties of media forms to grab the consumer’s attention to their product or service. Successful advertising should be persuasive and informational enough to influence the target audience’s behavior or thoughts about what is being advertised. It can be used to sustain and develop an overall image to the public. Forms of media items that inform the consumer or client about the goods or services generally will work the best. A company or organization’s name, slogan, and/or logo are very important to its image, and therefore, any media attention or promotions should be centered upon them. (Humphries, 2003).

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