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Media relations campaign for BBC, UK

Creating a media relations campaign for BBC, UK. The essay is to be 26 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The BBC World Service relay both news and current affairs programmes to the world through radio, TV and online broadcasts. These services are also available in around 32 languages of the different countries around the globe.Since its formation in the 1920s, the BBC had been enjoying the broadcasting market free of competition until the 1950s when the viewer preference changed due to technological advancements (Mennen, 2011). The viewers opted for a broadcasting service that was impartial and quite cheap in terms of financial spending. This led to the establishment of the UK’s Independent Broadcasting Commission that consequently issued broadcasting licenses to the then newly established Independent Television (ITV). These two televisions enjoyed the fruits of broadcasting until a third competitor in the market (the BSKYB broadcaster) officially launched. The BSKYB broadcaster changed the broadcasting culture by including the American news journalism and making its services available exclusively through the satellite. The services of BSKYB were, as well, relatively cheap as they were available on a monthly subscription (Mennen, 2011). This competition was the beginning of the challenges and issues of the BBC Corporation that this paper seeks to address through a media relations campaign.The recent years has seen growth in the popularity of strategic management mainly accredited to Gary Hamal, C.K. Prahalad and Michael Porter (Harris, & Wegg-Prosser, 2007). Among the various concepts introduced by Hamel and Prahalad include the concept of core competency which basically refers to the activities that are employed by a company and gives it a competitive advantage in the industry in which they operate. To this regard, it is evident that BBC continues to be brand with popular presence thanks to its long lasting commitment to quality and innovation.Right from 2007, a very

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