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Medical graded honey

Research paper on has medical graded honey a proven therapeutic value on wound care. Needs to be 17 pages. Has Medical graded Honey a proven therapeutic value on wound care?Wounds are a costly source of suffering (Stillman, 2009). More so is the case with chronic wounds. This is because many factors play an important role in the healing of wounds and disturbace in the normal healing processes can cause delay in wound healing contributing to significant morbidity and mortality. The corner stone of wound care therapy is prevention of infection and facilitation of wound healing. Conventionally, there are many methods of wound healing and many substances have been used to enhance the process of wound healing and at the same time prevent infection. Some such wound dressing material are alginate, hydrofiber, debriding agents like hypergel and accuzyme, foam, hydrocolloid and hydrogel (Stillman, 2009). Recent search for novel methods of wound healing has led to the recognition of medically graded honey as a useful wound dressing material. Traditionally, honey has an important place in natural medicine as a remedy for many condtions like wound. Current research in the usefulness of honey in the management of wounds has made modern scientists research into the various applications of honey in modern medicine.Honey is a natural sweet material that is produced by honey bees from the secretions of various parts of living plants. It is defined as “the nectar and saccharine exudation of plants, gathered, modified and stored as honey in the honeycomb by honeybees, Apis melifera”.

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