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Medical project progress

Research paper on medical project progress. Needs to be 2 pages. Tylenol, the competitor brand is effective for temporary relief of aches, pains, headaches, nasal congestions. Its popularity has mainly been backed by the reputation of the Johnson and Johnson companies and the marketing it has been given. Head-on is manufactured by Miralus healthcare Company. The ownership and manufacture of this product were transferred to Division, inc. located in North America. Tylenol is one of the products made by the Tylenol Company and ownership is by Mc Neil consumer healthcare which is Johnson and Johnson subsidiary. Headon is made up of three ingredients from a flower, vine and a carcinogen. These ingredients are iris Versicolor, potassium dichromate and white bryony. The active ingredient in Tylenol is paracetamol. The ingredients used in making these products have once or more been discredited by users and other groups for some reason that reveals their failure or ineffectiveness. So far I have identified the population to gather the information from. The age of the people and their geographical location has been identified too. The methods of information gathering to use, and the timeline that will be enough to cover the project have also been ascertained. The information required for analysis of these products will be conducted after a survey by interviewing people to give their opinions on them and their preferences. The interviews will cover the effectiveness of these products, their failure and the most preferred in terms of effectiveness, accessibility, and price. Questionnaires will also be used to collect information on rival products. These data collecting instruments will be evenly distributed in the targeted demographic area to minimize the chances of getting biased information. Manufacturers will also be involved in informing of the procedures and equipment used in producing these drugs. The data obtained from the survey will be used to analyze the products. The analysis will be developed on the basis of the information obtained from the various sources. The methodology used will determine the framework of the analysis. The products will be evaluated regarding their history which is acquired from the medical board and other relevant sources. Their usage, history, dangers, strengths, and weaknesses will also be highlighted. All the resources used in the project will be mentioned, the costs involved financially and materially. A span of one to two weeks will be enough to collect the information and the data. This will be followed by a keen analysis of the general findings of the project.

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