Mental training plan

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1500 words assignment on mental training plan for individual in need of exercise program. Having studied her closely, I can confidently say that she has a few distractions that seem to draw her away from her set goals. Athletics needs determination and development of a positive attitude to be successful, however, it can clearly be said that Grace lacks these attributes (Welnberg and Gould 250).Grace’s psychologist, I have identified some of the skills that Grace needs to perfect to improve her performance: focus, energy management, self-confidence, stress management, and above all, team cohesion (Welnberg and Gould 258). Having realized the challenges that Grace faces, I devised a mental training plan to help her improve her performance. I organized a five-session training that I will go through with her to make her understand how to build up determination and a positive attitude in her. We decided with Grace to be meeting in my office, two times a week РMonday and Thursday for five consecutive sessions after which am confident that her performance will be impressive (Welnberg and Gould 262).Though we have met with Grace a few times before, I had to make her feel relaxed since it was our first meeting under the training. Hence, I was very friendly and a bit informal as the rules of psychology demands Grace have more trust in me (Welnberg and Gould 265). This will help her to be more open and by so doing, it will be easy for me to help her. We introduced ourselves to each other once more, and now we were ready to start what exactly had brought us there. To start with, Grace had to understand the need for what we were about to do so I explained to her comprehensively what mental training is and what it entails (Welnberg and Gould 265). She needed to understand its benefits to enable her to develop a positive attitude throughout the sessions.Since Grace was a short-race specialist, she explained to me that she usually experienced great tensions when a race is about to start. I noticed that Grace had no idea that is very normal and it usually happens to a majority of athletes (Welnberg and Gould 271).

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