Methods for delivering oral presentations

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Part 1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Consider the 4 methods for delivering oral presentations: Memorization, Manuscript, Impromptu and Extemporaneous.·         What are the differences among these 4 presentation styles? When would it be appropriate to use each presentation method?·         Next, recall a public speaking event you’ve experienced in the past (whether live, on television, or via the internet); note the subject of the event, the speaker, and the delivery method used. Why do you think the speaker used this method of delivery? Was this delivery method effective? Why or why not?Part 2. Reply to the following thread in a minimum of 100 words:“Memorization is when the speaker memorizes the speech to not use notes, scripts, or other materials. While this may work for some, memorization is not recommended. The disadvantages outweigh the advantage. Manuscript is when a speaker reads entirely from a prewritten script. Although it is not recommended manuscript is recommended for some situations like a funeral. Improvised speeches are made without any preparation and no time to prepare. Extemporaneous speeches are made with hours of practice and research but are given as though they are impromptu speeches. Notes will be used but not read from word for word, but key words will help the speaker stay on track and speak naturally. A public speaking event that I recall would be our annual meeting for a federal credit union I worked for. I remember there were so many people, we all sat at dining tables and waiters brought our courses throughout the speech. The delivery method used by the speaker was extemporaneous. This was an efficient way to deliver the information. It was a lot of information and it was a prolonged period we were there. There were plenty of distractions and intermissions. So, the speaker was able to keep track of where they left off and what was next with their notes. They did not read them word for word but instead used them as a guide. The speakers used this method because this it was used years prior by earlier speakers and proved an effective way to deliver the information and keep the environment friendly or relaxed.” Andrea A.Part 3. Respond to the following post in a minimum of 100 words:“The four different types of presentation styles are memorization, manuscript, impromptu, and extemporaneous. memorization is when the speaker memorizes the whole speech without no cars or a script to read from. Manuscript is when the speaker is reading something word for word like in a movie or a play. Impromptu is when the speaker just speaks from the heart and mine everything is made up right then and there there was no practicing involved. Extemporaneous are professional speakers they make a speech that was manuscript it look impromptu. Recently I purchase a webinar from a successful business owner name Sierra some of you might know her from Love & hip Hop. the webinar was called 30k in 30 days and she explained some of her tricks of the trade to help a first-time beginner get off the ground. In her webinar you can tell that some of her information was impromptu and you can tell the rest of it was manuscript. the reason I can tell this is because she would look down several times to look at what she had written down before. She also mentioned that she had very important key notes that she wanted us to write down that she had wrote down herself.” Quani H.

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