Metropolitan police mounted branch

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Create project based on the followingMETROPOLITAN POLICE MOUNTED BRANCH (In Guayaquil, Ecuador).(As the city Hall of Guayaquil city will be in charge)1) Project Management Plan- Project Purpose- Project Objective- Project Scope- Content of the project- SWOT Analysis    – Pros: Employment Generation, Security for the city, Environment, Costs reduction (instead of motorcycles or cars), Horses can get into the water when is raining (winter when is flood, against prostitutes and thieves, tourism attractions. – Project Manager – Controls- Roles and Responsabilities (City Hall – Major)-  Demographics and socioeconomic characteristics.- Competitor in the market- Competitive Advantage- StrategiesIdeas: The horses can be donated from private companies in collaboration for the city, so the government doesn’t expend on this. Pioneer project, the first on Ecuador. Will be set primary on marginal areas and streets like: 9 de Octubre.The horses can eat in the vacant lots of the city hall where grass can be and will create employment for the security guards.  2)Trend Analysis  – Ratio Analysis3)Financial Analysis 4)Target Market 5)Financial Statements (Attach excel sheet)6)Legal7)Tech Plan

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