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Mexico’s legislature

Mexico’s legislature is as powerful as the United States Congress.a. true b. falseThe United Kingdom has a unitary government.a. true b. falseMexico has a parliamentary government.a. true b. falseWith the election of Vicente Fox as prime minister, PRI returned to power in Mexico.a. true b. falseThe North American Free Trade Agreement nationalized United States businesses in Mexico.a. true b. falseThe federal regulatory agency whose task is to oversee the U.S. stock markets and ensure that corporations do not engage in abuses is the Federal Reserve.a. true b. falseFeudalism was a loosely organized system in which powerful lords divided their lands among other, lesser lords with an agreement to protect others in exchange for loyalty and a share of crops.a. true b. falseAn economic theory that stressed accumulation of wealth in valuable metals as a wayof building a nation’s power was called enlightenment.a. true b. falseJohn Locke was a political theorist of the Enlightenment who wrote about the “invisible hand.”a. true b. falseToday, France is a representative, constitutional democracy, much like the United States.a. true b. falseMost countries in Africa won their independence by 1830.a. true b. false

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