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Write an article on Microenomomic. It needs to be at least 3000 words. If we consider an office style or look during 1986 to 1996 we can find a very large great development. Offices in those days were not having air conditioners, highly glazed tiles and never use to consider to place an office in the posh localities of the city. The ideology of having an office was to a business in a marked place where potential consumers throng at a particular place. So having a shop or an office at that place was enough. So this was the primary reason why office development was not so significant during the decade. Considering an in-depth analysis as to why an office development is needed. If a business done by that office is very sophisticated, to the tune of lakhs and crores of money, or if the business demands such high class office.Only there we can say that there will be a significant development in the office layout or the structure. The above conditions were considered only during that decade 1986-1996. That was the mindset of people in those days. Considering from the year 1986 there were no business which were very sophisticated only some of the business like car dealer show rooms or a photo studios were to be very tastefully established even here also there is a reason behind the offices to be so classy. The money involved behind the car and photo studio business was very high compared to the other businesses. Even today if we see car and studio business make large business then many small business. From the above examples it is clear then office development is directly related to the money involved. Office development activity was concluded t be very show process since it would involve money and time and also down time for several business applications. Even renovations take time. But the need for office development comes with its demand for posh office. During the percent of the population residing I rented homes. Every other person use to have their own home. While setting up an office, land value was not at all a constraining factor for the businessmen. After the death of the great Indian leaders Mrs.Indira Ghandi made many restrictions put by her were removed by her son Rajiv Ghand paved a way to a new beginning to a developed living and well-being. Real estates business was almost nil in the first decade. The primary potential of business in India being agriculture, the land values were very low. The traders and dealers who were to buy crops from the farmers and small peasants and who were situated in cities were to have nicely decorated offices and large go downs. More over the advanced material required to construct posh offices were not available at that time in the Indian market. Offices those days were but and decorated with whatever material was available in local market. Behind every activity there comes the need were there was not necessity too hence state of the art officesIt was only after the then Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandhi lifted the sanctions in 1988 put by Indira Ghandi . The multi national company started the operations soon after the sanctions were lifted. This slowly stated the development of particular fields like information technology and telecom etc. This was a major revolution as far as development corporate sector was considered.

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