Microteaching LESSON PLAN

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 2750 words essay on Microteaching LESSON PLAN. For example, trying to access any country government computers without authorization is one of computer crimes. Thus, students will be fully informed when using computer and internet. The students will consider the right use of computer to be a way from the computer crimes as outlined in this activity.At the end of this activity students will be able to classify the computer crimes. They will compare and review between the right uses of computer and the bad using, such as Hackers. So, the students will produce a legal use of computer in the community.Introduce myself to the students. Start the introduction of the activity. I will be talking about the changes in the community to lead them to use the technology these days. I will provide the examples of good and bad uses of the technology .Divide the student into two groups. The activity will be based on paper hand to them. In the paper it will be there a types of computer crimes types with it definitions and examples. Students need to define which type matches the right definition.The strategies I will use to engage students during the activity are different. First, I will follow the theories of good teaching, and read the explanation that Biggs (1999) explain in the article. Biggs (1999) reviewed and explained the theories, which focus on three parts during learning and teaching. It is focus on: 1. What the student is. 2. What the teacher does. 3. What the student does. So, the first is what the student is. the teacher needs to know how the student participates during the lecture, If he takes notes, follows the teacher in the topic materials, listens to the teacher, or does not focus on the lecture and uses the computer, phone, or near to fall sleep. Then the teacher moves to the second question What the teacher does. The teacher learns the types of the students act during the lecture. The teacher notes the student type, if the student is good and looking

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