Military Correctional System

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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Comparison between Canadas Military Correctional System and the United States Military Correctional System. ility of the Army Correctional Command ACC is the management of resources like force structure, budget, personnel and the day to day operations of the U.S Military Corrections System (Grande, 2009).

The U.S Military Corrections system has two oversees facilities in Germany and Korea, two medium security regional facilities in Fort Sill Oklahoma and Fort Lewis Washington, and one maximum security prison ( U.S Disciplinary Barracks ) in Fort Leavenworth Kansas. Both the regional Military Corrections facilities and U.S Disciplinary Barracks provide a complete range of custodial and correctional treatment programs to military offenders regardless of the branch of service, and the only maximum security facility in the department of U.S defense is the U.S Disciplinary Barracks.

Level-1 accommodates inmates with sentence of less than one year. The level-1 tier has no different from the public prisons and most programs are the same in comparison. The marine corps operates two facilities. the navy is in charge of six facilities, while the air force manages 36 facilities. The level-1 tier is not controlled by the Army.

The level-2 tier accommodates inmates with sentence of less than 7 years and is the middle tier. The majority of military offenders are retained in level two. The army is in charge and controls the better part of level two while the marine corps operates and controls 3 facilities. The Air force does not operate any facility in level two, thus majority of inmates are retained in at two Naval consolidated brigs. The level-3 accommodating inmates with sentence of more than 7 years and inmates whose character pose threat to the national security of the United states. Females are majorly confined in this level so as to benefit from the health facilities, assets and consolidated space.

Level-3 tier includes male military. The level-3 does not accommodate pre-trial inmates and its mission is “Our mission, Your Future”.

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