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Mill and Rawls

Write 5 page essay on the topic Mill and Rawls.The essay will compare and contrast accounts of justice in relation to John Rawls and John Mill. Rawls’s book attracted much attention than any other book published in the 20th century. Although the basic model used in constructing the theory seems simple, limitations associated with its scope in addition to the supporting arguments are complex. For instance, Rawls talks about an ideal theory for an orderly society though it has strict compliance. According to Rawls, this is of great help to the society since it helps criticize injustice in the society (Rawls 8). Due to this, Rawls goes ahead to provide principles that help criticize societal injustices. Rawls states that his main objective is coming up with a theory of justice, which will act as an alternative to utilitarian thoughts (Rawls 22). Due to this, not only does he present an alternative theory but also but also criticism that comes along with utilitarianism. The utilitarian theory presented by Rawls comprises of two principles. each person ought to have equal rights irrespective of their gender or race when it comes to matters of liberty. Second, both economic and social inequalities ought to be arranged in a manner that they are of benefit to everyone in addition to them being accessible to all (Rawls 60). Later on Rawls further restates the second principle by claiming that inequalities ought to be the greatest benefits especially at least advantaged persons. The basic liberties Rawls addresses in this theory are that citizens should not only have equal liberties but also political in addition to freedom of speech and owning property. Conversely, Mill believed in these liberties, this is because he also argued about them in his book, On Liberty. In my opinion, Mill’s account of justice is better than Rawls’.

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