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You are encouraged to work with each other on the project. If you want, for the mini-projects you may submit a single write-up for a group of 2 or 3, and the same grade will be given to everyone in the group. Please make sure all of your names are on the write-up. You may also submit your own write-up if you prefer.Please remember, the mini-projects are not usually accepted late (except in cases of illness or emergency). But I will drop the lowest mini-project score at the end of the semester. Please show your work and explain your reasoningIn this mini-project, we’ll consider this (fictional) medical test. In a population, 2% of all people have a certain medical condition. This is called the prevalence of the condition.A new test for this condition is being developed. Here is some data that was gathered during the development of the test. The test was administered to people without this condition, and also people with the condition. The result of the test is a real number, and it is rounded to the nearest one-tenth.

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