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Minimize manufacturing costs

1) When the suppliers of Geoffrey B. Small’s clothing attempted to minimize manufacturing costs by using inferior quality fabric, the retailer found it difficult to make better sales due to customer dissatisfaction. This is an example of _____.a. backward integration b.downstream managementc.suboptimizationd.containerization2) As Geoffrey B. Small wants to open a new store in India, he employs a wholesaler to meet his firm’s operating requirements. This type of marketing system is known as _____.a.franchising b.a wholesaler-sponsored voluntary chainc. a retail cooperatived.licensing3) Which of the following best describes Small’s overall marketing channel strategy? a. The fewer pieces he sells, the more successful he becomes. b. The more his presence on social networking sites, the more successful he becomes. c. The more pieces he sells, the more successful he becomes. d. The fewer channels of distribution he uses, the less successful he becomes.4) Geoffrey B. Small’s firm has extremely limited production runs of his clothing, with his designs found in just ten countries. Thus, he practices _____.a. exclusive distribution b. dual distribution c. intensive distribution d. intermodal operations

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