Minimum Age for Drinking

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 3 page essay on the topic Minimum Age for Drinking. A person, to whom the law grants the above-mentioned rights, is likely to believe that it is not fair to deprive him of the choice of drinking. Therefore, such an individual will really be tempted to drink even if it is not legally permissible. Apart from this, there is also another element to consider. A responsible person, when deprived of a right that he deserves, will be tempted to derive a secret pleasure in enjoying the fun of doing what he is not allowed to do. Thus most of the teenagers in the 18 year age group, who aren’t considered to be of the legal age to drink, are likely to develop a tendency to indulge in drinking as a rebellion against what they are unjustly deprived of. A study by Dr. Ruth Engs, Professor of Applied Health and Science, found that by increasing the legal age young people tend to abuse alcohol more. “College students under the age of twenty-one are more likely to be heavy—sometimes called “binge”—drinkers, consuming over five drinks at least once a week. In actuality raising the drinking age was worse than doing nothing. Drinking alcohol is more exciting when it’s illegal.” It is apparent from the foregoing that a person who attains the age of 18 possesses the ability to respond to various responsibilities vested in him. Therefore, this individual will behave in an equally appropriate manner to the issue of drinking also. Depriving such a person of his justifiable legal right to drink will only tempt him to indulge furtively in the activity rather than avoiding it.

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