Mixed Communities in Planning

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Write an essay on Mixed Communities in Planning. It needs to be at least 2500 words.When planning for a mixed community, it is always important to note that whatever plans are made must be with consideration to the various preferences and financial ability status in the society. In a society that is exclusively for rich and financially capable people, financially incapable people will find it hard settling in because prices of housing will be unfavorable to them. The same applies to a society whichexclusively target poor people. In such an environment the rich and affluent will never get the type of dwellings and neighborhoods that they would prefer living in. Other factors such as age, race, and nature of dwelling usage can also be other factors that might be limiting to communal inclusion. Other considerations include difference in cultures, age, health state, and lifestyles. This is the only way through which mixed communities can be attained.A perfect mixed society is one which can be able to accommodate all people regardless of their ages. Many cities have over the past years registered an increase in the population of the elderly. It is important for them to be able to find a way of accommodating them. In Michigan continuing care retirement communities have proved to be an effective ways of keeping elderly people within the society. These are communities that offer a continuum of care ranging from residential care, assisted living, and skilled nursing services on a single campus. Continuing care retirement communities allow people to live in the same retirement community because they avail all the amenities that associate to retirement living. According to statistics more about 18% of elderly people within Michigan are taken care of by continuing care retirement communities.Mixed communities could lead to mixed services which could be good in some cases or groups such as the immigrants who have always found it hard to access social facilities and services because they are never considered to be a

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