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Mobile applications

MOBILE APPLICATIONS-600-800 words, – 5 links to useful additional resources, an applied academic source, a critical perspective and a few pictures (and or videos) – A title that is honest, descriptive but inviting- Links to at least 5 useful sources- A description that might help the reader understand / solve a topic- A critical / academic consideration of the areaAim:1-) Think some specific aspects or features or functions for mobile app and why that particular things are useful in the fashion industry.With this feature, the app is going to do this and for this reason? You need be very specific. You need to think as if this was a client consultation in which you will go as a digital marketing expert to say(what you are going to do with this feature on the app, and why does feature is good for the fashion industry?2-) I already chose the features on the app, which is providing customers to “feedback option”on apps; “I want to develop the need for a feedback option, I would like to be able to give the customers to rate out of 5, if they like having the opportunity to say how they really feel about our products. I will write about benefit of feedback boxes and how they can enhance customer engagement and customer purchasing power. Basically, having feedback, other customer can read the feedback, so other customer can look at what people think about certain product, to get an idea about for purchasing.I would like to encourage customers provide feedback by rewarding them with discount code a free complimentary gift.’ ——So, you need to conduct more focused research into what is important to know about how to carry out this initiative. ——Make it useful, find tips and guides and summarize them. Evaluate the risks and use a journal article to add a critical, academic perspective.3-) Talk about these questions in the blog post; I. Why feedback option on app work well?  II. what does it look like?  III. what are the risk and benefits for the feedback option on app? IV. You are going to need to identify some persuasive measure whether is feature (feedback option on the app) is working?4-) Marking grid:-Title 10%-Clarity 10%-Relevance 20%-Utility 30%-Links and media 10%-Critical 20%

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