Mobile learning and technology leadership

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Mobile learning, technology leadership and technology competency.The article discovered that the principals’ skills that were aligned with NETS-A were fluency in using programs or hardware, knowledge of data and information recovery, interacting with stakeholders, and planning and overseeing resources (Garcia and Abrego).Garcia and Abrego compare their findings to those of the studies cited in the theoretical framework. The article’s conclusion does not deviate from the research question, which is highly commendable. The representation of findings in graphs also makes understanding the study easy.I learned that innovation leaders should be capable of planning and overseeing their respective innovations. I could use this information to expand the research for my dissertation and assist my discussion group while working on our project on mobile technology.Park’s research work did not involve any particular population. Instead, Park used former theories about mobile innovations used for educational purposes to test against and with electronic and ubiquitous learning. Park says the study’s purpose was to offer an improved insight of the features of mobile learning in terms of distance education by comparing three different learning innovations, and changing and accepting the TD (Transactional Distance) theory to suit his research. (Park, 2011). As a result, Park tries to fix former research works into four kinds of mobile education. The outcome of this analysis is the confirmation that mobile gadgets are compatible especially with continuous movement and shifts. The article also says mobile gadgets specially support mixed learning between high and low transactional distances. The lack of systematic methods and research design turn Park’s work into an investigative and argumentative research. The research presented theoretical frameworks adopted from previous researches with the aim of analyzing and comparing them (Park, 2011).All vocabulary in the article are well defined but the

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